Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I love to buy clothes and I have enjoyed studying the subject. But whilst I undertook a brief role at a luxury retail (department store) in London, earlier in the year of 2011, I decided that fashion was too competitive. I did not see myself there anymore.

Elle Beauty Competition Entry

I then came across luxury cosmetic brands such as Apothecary, Chanel and Jo Malone, to name a few. I had heard of these brands but not really spent much time looking into it.

I was totally fascinated and I have found the beauty industry so intriguing. There re thousands of brands in beauty but I mainly like to focus on luxury brands because, luxury brands are so aspirational and dream like.

Makes me feel magical and special. There is something very romantic about the beauty industry and fragrances especially.

Fragrances evoke nostalgia, a reminder of a place, person or time in a person’s life. This is very unique in relation to what a product can do to a person. This is why i like it so much. It is for this reason that I think I would be suited to this industry.

I decided after seeing the competition it did not hurt to enter.

Well I have not heard anything but it has confirmed to me, the direction I want my career to go into.

You have to be in it to win it, that’s for sure. This is the, Jo Malone website.

I have actually purchased the Jo Malone fragrance. The fragrance is so spicy and delicious. I bought the grapefruit fragrance. Lime and basil is another favourite of mine. Jo Malone has actually left the brand as of a few years ago, after selling it to Estee Lauder. However recently Jo decided to launch Jo Loves.

I am so inspired by women who are successful in business and who are passionate about what they do. Women who exude positive, enthusiastic energy, that in it’s self is as aspirational as the brand.

Above: Jo Malone talking about Jo Loves.

Jo Malone is now one of my idols, along with the Anita Roddick, the founder of, The Body Shop. I would hope to achieve at least half the success these women have in their business. I believe that anything is possible.

The founder Jo Malone.

These are the iconic Jo Malone gift boxes.

This is a Jo Malone store in London.

Jo Malone is now being taken in a new direction, this is with the creative direction of James Gager, and as of last year he decided he wanted to take the company in a new direction.

The new campaign, Jo Malone the new fragrance, wild bluebell. The theme of the campaign is supposed to take you into a whimsical world of bluebells and bunnies. The campaign was shot by photographer Tim Walker and was overseen by Creative Director James Gager.

It is to encourage perhaps a newer audience of luxury fragrance enthusiasts.

Old or young, you can’t help loving Jo!

Wild Bluebell Jo Malone fragrance 2011

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